Friday, December 10, 2010

Ellen and the Fizzled Furnace

Ok, so it's not the best premise for a book, but it's at least a break from the ordinary. Our furnace seems to be broken, though I'm hoping that the guy can come today, give a swift kick, and get that sucker in gear. Anyway, we don't have heat and there's snow a-coming (a single digit lows...eek!).
I can't help but wonder what an intuitive, resourceful, young rowdy girl character would do...
  1. Build a small fire in the den using the side tables for wood. Some things are more important than furniture and floor life and warmth.
  2. Huddle into the dog for warmth. Wait, that's what I do. nevermind.
  3. Befriend a dragon for his heat-breath.
  4. Re-engineer the entire heating system with only a paperclip and a penny (all rowdy girls are brilliant, don't you know?).
  5. Time travel to the summer where she can complain about how hot it is for a change.

As for the time being, I'm putting on warm socks, long johns, and a funny-looking hat.

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